Friday, May 18, 2007

Universal Search at the Googleplex

So Google launches Universal Search
And Yahoo yawns, already claims it’s done.
Yahoo and have that perch
And Google certainly hasn’t won.

It will be interesting to observe
If adding more to Google’s simplicity
Of search results will throw a curve
To users who expect the nitty-gritty.

Bob Cringley suspects a sinister plot
Behind this “brand new” search engine feature:
Luring Yahoo and Microsoft to rot
In merger of two clumsy creatures.

The web is certainly not changed by this,
But we’ll soon tell whether this is hit or miss.

Google launches Universal Search
Risk is for Losers

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Apollo's my Name, the Desktop's my Game...

In quarter four of 2007
Adobe’s new Apollo will be set;
Released so web makers can leaven
The desktop with apps that access the Net.

Relying on familiar coding tools
Flash and Flex and Ajax and Javascript
Designers and coders can bend the rules
And give programs greater relationship.

Apollo-based apps could read in the songs
An iTunes user listens to daily
Suggesting one out of the teeming throngs
Of ditties your web service thinks fit me.

The player is small, easy to adapt;
Adobe hopes the Web will be enrapt.

Understanding Apollo

Sorry for the lapse. Shouldn't happen again...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

If Photoshop CS3 Runs Like a Dog

A set of technical notes has appeared
On the Adobe website recently,
Two sets of Photoshop CS3 geared
Guides help improve speed on Mac and PC.

On either platform scratch disk is a must
And allocating more RAM always helps.
Reducing history states and cache levels just
Might be enough to quiet user yelps.

Additional performance is achieved
By stopping background running processes.
Make sure you rightly installed RAM interleaved
And defrag when disk writes create messes.

There are a number of things for CS3
To help your workstation run more sprightly.

Optimize performance of Photoshop CS3 on Windows XP and Vista

Optimize performance in Photoshop CS3 on Mac OS

Monday, May 7, 2007

An intraframe by any other name

Encoding videos can be quite a chore
But start by knowing out of intraframe
And interframe which one encodes far more
by throwing pixels out which look the same.

Codecs like 264, MPEG 4 and 2
Use even sized block or matrices to check
For areas of motion to not renew;
Small flickers of noise can result in wreck.

Codecs like MJPEG look at frames whole
And only apply the magic therein.
It’s often faster at the editor’s console
But file size explodes in your project bin.

Towards the perfect codec the engineers will strive
But for now we still choose for broadcast or archive.

Compression for Great Digital Video

Ben Waggoner's Canopus 2 Video Tutorial

Final Cut Studio 2 is coming to you

In recent news from Apple, Inc.
The launch of Final Cut Studio 2.
If you find your clip’s hue pink
Then Color (Final Touch) is perfect for you.

ProRes 422 is a codec new.
It offers HD res at SD size
Combine with open format timeline, too
New muscle for pro post workflow the prize.

To Motion 3: 3D capability.
Compressor 3 extends encoding more.
DVD Studio Pro still does yeoman duty
Even though it's still stuck at version 4.

With Final Cut Studio 2 Apple appears
To have a stellar A/V solution for years.

Apple Final Cut Studio 2 (Mac)

Apple Final Cut Studio 2 Upgrade from Final Cut Studio (Mac)

Apple Final Cut Studio 2 Upgrade from Final Cut Pro (Mac)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Popinjay MBA

A number of pundits have noticed in blogs
The rising issue of Web 2.0
And how its ethics leave many agog;
Some wonder when society has enow.

A number of promising MBAs
Were caught up in scandal on final exams.
Turns out they copied each other for days;
A myriad of schools are catching these scams.

There’s something to say about our obsession
With marketing and polish over substance.
A parley that has always caused tension
Between the poles of hard work and chance.

It may go too far to blame open source,
But only time will judge this future course.

The Business Ethics of Web 2.0: Does Collaboration and Open Source Blur The Line of What It Means To Cheat?

Saturday, May 5, 2007

AMD's Once and Future Bling

A recent leak of an AMD document
Reveals a number of new CPUs
Designed to give chip fans merriment
And hopefully give big Intel the blues.

In quarter three of this current year,
The Phenom FX monsters appear.
2.6 Ghz is the high level gear,
While Hypertransport 3 dispatches here.

For memory, DDR2 will first debut
And later DDR3 will unfold
In mid-2008 on CPU
With names ‘Agena’ and ‘Kuma’ we’re told

With recent gains Intel has made with Core
AMD had best make sure these perform.

AMD Phenom X2, X4, FX processor specs leak